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Getting Around in Barcelona: A Student's Guide

Getting Around in Barcelona: A Student's Guide

Sara MiguélezAugust 10, 2023

Getting Around in Barcelona: A Student's Guide

So, you've decided to study in Barcelona - awesome choice! You're about to have the time of your life in one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the world. As a student, you'll be balancing lectures, study sessions, sightseeing, beach days, and the bustling nightlife, so you'll need to know the best way to get around. Here, I'll lay out the lowdown on public transportation in Barcelona, including the new T-mobilitat system, special tips for students, and some personal recommendations on making the most out of this amazing city.

Let's Talk About T-mobilitat

The city recently got an upgrade in its transportation system - say goodbye to the old paper tickets and say hello to T-mobilitat, a new contactless ticketing system designed to make your travels more efficient. It works like a charm, and it's super easy to use:

  • Register with T-mobilitat to get started.
  • If you're an Android user, download the TMB App. For everyone else, just get a rechargeable card following the official instructions.
  • You're all set! Choose the type of ticket that fits your needs, load it onto your card or mobile, and off you go!

The system is versatile - it supports a range of ticket types, including the student-favorite T-jove (more about this one later!).

Getting Student-Ready with T-jove

As a student in Barcelona, the T-jove ticket will probably become your best friend. It offers a whopping 50% reduction in price, which is perfect for our student budgets. But it doesn't stop there: it's valid for any journey within the city's six fare zones. This means no matter where you're going - whether it's the university, the beach, or a tapas bar - T-jove has got you covered. Also, T-Jove is great for attending the hikes we often organize at a much lower price!

Your Barcelona Adventure Starts Here

Now that you're all set with T-mobilitat, it's time to dive into Barcelona. If you're interested in arts, head to the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, or Casa Batlló by Metro to take in Gaudi's incredible works. For the beach enthusiasts, take the bus to Barceloneta Beach for some relaxation time. If you're a food lover, you'll want to visit the famous La Boqueria Market and perhaps discover some hidden culinary gems in less-known neighborhoods.

Getting around at Night

One thing to note about Barcelona is that it loves to stay up late - which is fantastic news for you night owls. The city's night bus service, or "Nit Bus," runs throughout the night, making it super convenient for late-night outings. Plus, on Fridays, the Metro runs until 2 am, and on Saturdays, it's open all night. This is a piece of information that is not so well known, but it's really useful when planning your night out!

What About Bicing?

Bicing is Barcelona's public bike-sharing system, and it's a fun way to get around the city. It's available 24/7, and there are stations all over the city. It's an excellent choice for short trips or exploring the city at your own pace. You can even use it to get to the beach! Just remember to return the bike within 30 minutes to avoid extra charges. For longer trips, trips where you want to aviod the sweat you can use the electric bikes from the same Bicing system!

Taxi, Please!

There is no Uber in Barcelona, but there are good alternatives like the city taxi. Also there are similar apps to Uber like Cabify or FreeNow. They are a bit more expensive than the taxi, but they often have discounts and promotions that make them a good option.

Getting Out of the City

To get out of the city, you can take the train or the bus. In most cases, if you use T-Jove a lot of trips are going to be included in the price of the ticket. For example, you can go to the beach in Sitges, or to the mountains in Montserrat. If you want to go further, you can take the train to Girona or Tarragona, or the bus to Andorra. We actually organize many group trips and hikes taking avantage of those discounts quite often!

Explore Beyond the Tourist Spots

As a fellow student, I suggest exploring beyond the typical tourist spots. Use your T-mobilitat card to venture into neighborhoods like El Raval or Poble Sec - you'll discover a world of local charm and hidden treasures. And don't be afraid to let yourself wander! Barcelona is full of surprises, so sometimes, the best plan is to choose a random metro stop, get off, and see where the city's rhythm takes you.

Make the Most of Your Time in Barcelona

There is stuff to do everywhere in barcelona, and with T-mobilitat, you can keep up with its super-fast pace. From your daily commute to class, your weekend getaways, and all the spontaneous adventures in between, you'll be ready to take on this city. Dive into the culture, do a lot of activities, and enjoy your time in Barcelona to the fullest. Welcome to your new home!