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Bistro Art Reopens & New Saturday Nights in Barcelona!

Bistro Art Reopens & New Saturday Nights in Barcelona!

Sara MiguélezApril 16, 2024

Hey everyone! 🎉

Have you heard the exciting news yet? Bistro Art is throwing open its doors this Saturday, April 20th, and it's going to be epic! Yes, you read that right—the place we all missed and loved as La Flaca has not only finished its facelift but is back with a new name and fresh vibe!

What’s New at Bistro Art?

First things first, don’t get confused by the name change. Bistro Art is the new La Flaca, and while the name is different, the spirit of our beloved haunt remains the same. They’ve made some nifty upgrades that promise to take our Saturday nights to a whole new level. Think cooler lighting, an updated sound system, and décor that makes every corner Instagram-worthy. 📸✨

The Grand Reopening

Mark your calendars: April 20th, 2024. The first event post-renovation is about to set a new benchmark for Saturday parties in Barcelona. Spread the word, bring your friends, especially those who might not have caught the news. Trust me, after the long wait, this reopening is going to be a blast!

Perfect Timing for Newbies

If you’re new to Barcelona, consider yourself lucky! You’re about to witness one of the most anticipated re-launches in our city's party scene. It's a fantastic way to dive into Barcelona’s vibrant culture and meet loads of new people!

Happy Hour & DJ Session

And that’s not all! Bistro Art is introducing a brand-new Happy Hour that’s going to be the talk of the town. This is it: discounted drinks, a lively atmosphere, and a DJ session that’ll have you dancing till the sun is up. It’s the perfect way to kick off the weekend and make memories that last a lifetime.

Let’s Make It a Week to Remember!

So, are we ready to make some unforgettable memories? Let’s kick off with the grand reopening of Bistro Art and roll right into the magic of Sant Jordi. I can’t wait to see all your familiar faces—and new ones too—at both events. Let’s make this one for the history books!

Stay tuned, stay excited, and as always—let’s make the most of our beautiful Barcelona nights!

See you out there, Sara 🌟

Edit: I've uploaded this video to YouTube to show you the new vibe at Bistro Art, with footage from last satuday's event. It also includes the sign in link for the next event!